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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  March 8, 2013 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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such as bleeding and ulcers, which can occur without warning and may cause death. patients also taking aspirin and the elderly are at increased risk for stomach bleeding and ulcers. don't take celebrex if you have bleeding in the stomach or intestine, or had an asthma attack, hives, other allergies to aspirin, nsaids or sulfonamides. get help right away if you have swelling of the face or throat, or trouble breathing. tell your doctor your medical history. and find an arthritis treatment for you. visit and ask your doctor about celebrex. for a body in motion. ♪ >> surf's up, as they say. this is the surfing piglet, showing surfers how it's done in new zealand. he has become a big sensation and you can see why. a roll in the san and he is as
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happy as a pig in mud. thanks for watching. "studio b" starts right now. >> shepard: bet he would make a great blt? >> i like your thinking. schevardnadze news begins anew. the captured son-in-law of osama bin laden today pleaded not guilty to trying to murder us americans and he did it blocks away from the spot -- well, from ground zero. how did we catch him and why isn't he at guantanamo bay? >> the lowest jobless rate in four years lifting the dow again. we're in record territory again. are investors getting ahead of themselves? the next time somebody says everything is awful, tell them, no, it's not. and a tsa agent fails to detect a fake bomb in a federal agent's
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pants even after a patdown. watch out for the shampoo. it's all ahead, unless breaking news changes everything on studio b. >> but first from fox, at 3:00 in new york city, bin laden's son-in-law step into a federal courthouse blocks from ground zero and pleaded not guilty to trying to kill americans. details remain sketchy on the arrest of the former al qaeda spokesman. us officials say they picked him up in jordan and that only happened after officials in turkey caught him and then released him without any charges. according to his indictment he is accused of serving alongside osama bin laden and appearing on videos praising the attacks of 9/11 and threatening new assaults on america, and unlike other terrorists, accused of plotting against the united states, he appeared in front of a judge no, not guantanamo bay
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but in manhattan. we have team fox cover right now. jonathan hunt has more on how the u.s. got this guy into custody. first, led go to david lee miller. where are they holding this man now? ghaith is being held in a federal detention center in lower manhattan. and this facility connects directly to the federal courthouse so there's no problem transporting him. he goes through underground opportunity. as for his court appearance today, lasted a little less than 20 minutes, 10 court officers for security. he entered the courtroom with his hand cuffed behind his back, spoke briefly through an interpreter, and the prosecution said he has been in the united states now for exactly one week to the day, and ask for his defense team, that's going to be
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paid for by the very country that he wanted to destroy. the judge asked him do you have any money? he said no. at that point the judge said u.s. taxpayers are going to pay for your defense attorney. >> shepard: that's how the hill works. what's the evidence against him? >> we got a little glimpse into the evidence. the most intriguing thing, the prosecutor said they had a 22-page post arrest statement he gave to one extent there are any admissions we don't know. the prosecution also talked about entering into evidence audio and video recordings he made. in other words, the very words that he utterred as an al qaeda spokesman, he said such things as, there's a warning to muslims, children, and u.s. opponents not to board any aircraft and not to live in highrises. the prosecution says it will take three weeks to present their case. they also suggested the could enter into evidence, shepard, classified information.
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when the trial finally does get underway we could find more about the inner workings of al qaeda the next court date. >> shepard: how did they get him and the chairman of the house intelligence commitee says the suspect spent some time in iran, where he is said to have conducted al qaeda business. the rogue nuclear nation is one of just four countries united states considers state sponsors terrorism. we still have very few details what he was doing and he got into the united states with so little fanfare. jonathan hunt is looking into all of this. what have we been able to glean or learn about his movements? reporter: not a whole lot of detail. soleman abu ghaith was born in kuwait. in 2000 he traveled from kuwait to afghanistan. that's where he met osama bin laden. you see the two of them.
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sitting together. and married one of bin laden's daughters. he was alongside bin laden in the days leading up to 9/11, and directly after. then at some point in 2002, he was apparently smuggled from afghanistan into iran, and he spent pretty much the last decade there. we are not clear whether he was being harbored by the iranians or being detained. >> shepard: what about the operation to capture him? >> that has been going on for a very long time. u.s. officials have been trying to track him. they were aware he was in iran. what we understand right now is last month ghaith traveled from iran to turkey. he was arrested by turkish officials in ankara, we believe. those turkish officials did not
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hand him over to the u.s. instead they decided to deport him to send him back to kuwait. the flight from turkey to kuwait had a stopover in aman, jordan, that is where u.s. officials, with the obvious help of the jordan january authority's, arrested him. whatever the actual details, according to mike baker, former cia operative, this sends a very clear message. >> not as if we're going to get to zero sum game, and all the extremists and their mignons they're going to just wake up one morning and say, we were mistaken and we like the exist the west and their allies. they're not going away. and so they have to understand, neither are we. we're not going to stop this effort to capture and put them away as they deserve. reporter: it's worth pointing out in these issues very little is exactly as it seems, and there is the possibility, shep, we should point out. the turks were actually sending
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him back to kuwait while knowing that flight, which could have gone directly from turkey to kuwait, was going to have this stopover in jordan. perhaps everybody was colluding but for us a obvious reasons some nations don't want to be seen helping the united states. >> shepard: thank you. legal panel now. richard roth, former federal prosecutor, douglas burns. richard, there's a lot of people upset he is being taken to lower manhattan, but when we catch people, we normally arrest them and give. the a lawyer and try them. right? >> turning it into a political issue. it's new york versus guantanamo, and the bottom line is you want to nail this guy using the legal term and you want too defer other people. to nail him, if you look at the statistics, 67 cop visitations since 9/11 in the united states. and only seven in guantanamo. two of which have been overturned. you don't want to lose this
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fight. the reason he is in the u.s. is because the system is better, stronger rules of evidence. this man who was quoted as saying, the storms will not stop-especially the airplane storms on the u.s. so rope one you want him in new york. the reason why you want him in new york is if you want the world to see this guy is not going to get away with itdeter g exactly what he wassing too. >> shepard: it's our understanding he had no operational involvement, that he wasn't a threat of that kind. reporter: that's right. the counterargument is, number one, security costs and congestion problems in lower manhattan, and it's very something, we were looking at a statute -- >> shepard: if they're worried about congestion problems in lower manhattan they can into no more presidents. >> i agreele with that. but the statute says when acts are committed elsewhere not in the united states you can try the person where first brought.
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they could have brought him to any court in the country, including the strict of classroom. -- district of columbia, and the other point is giving platform for rhetoric speeches and that militates in favor of using a military tribunal. >> absolutely not. the tribunals have only been successful five times. 12 years, five times. if you want to nail this guy and send a message to the whorled-don't do this to americans on american soil, and part of his prosecution is for the initial bombing of the world trade center. it's a very strong statement. >> shepard: what does he lose? what if you can't convince one juror? >> that's a problem. i submit to you the federal government does not bring that case unless they know they're going to win it, and they have a much better chance of winning that in new york than guantanamo it's a much quicker system. new york, it will be over by certainly 2014.
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guantanamo is a long system, draw out. >> the problem is a symbolic one and that is that putting the trial in a venue that is a mile away from the worth attack on u.s. soil in u.s. history, i think that's a legitimate point to be made that's not a venue. there's some symbolic negativity there. >> you did us and we're going to do you in here, too. >> that's right. that's the competing argument. >> shepard: he is here and we won't see him because his going underneath in a year we'll find out what happens to him. center john mccain will join us late are for his first appearance on televisionsons he took to the noor of the senate yesterday. we'll get his continued take on the controversy trial, and we will ask him's his blasting senator rand paul and his filibuster. mccain's first television appearance in either case. what we have here is a split in the republican party. make no mistake. what the republicans are trying
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to do is define. thes in a post iraq and afghanistan war world. trying to make it so that they can win national elections again and there's a bat for the soul of the party. john mccain is part of the battle and we'll talk about it in just a few minutes. >> first, the unemployment rate hit a low we haven't seen in years. and that has sent stocks to new record territory. every day a new record. would you look at it? that ammunition for you. if you keep hearing from everybody, everything is awful, hand them this. because it's not.
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>> shepard: big gains in the job market as wall street continues a winning streak to beat them all. a quick look at the dow, heading for its sixth straight gaining certification up 53 this day, and ready for its fourth straight record close.
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stocks are up after the jobs report came out. it beat expectations. shows that employerers added 236,000 jobs and the unemployment rate went down. this was not expected. everybody thought it would stay at 7.9%. it went down two clicks to the lowest level in four years. that it is partly because more than 100,000 folks gave up looking for work so they're no longer counted. that's always the case. and economists say the rate has to trop below that yellow line there to really consider the economy healthy. so, healthy, no. recovering? yes, ed henry is live at the white house. i'm guessing they're happy. >> they were, when you look at four years ago and the unemployment rate was 7-point%, and back then people were saying this is pretty high at 7.7%. so it's relative. this is good relatively low compared to what we have seen
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throughout the obama years, and josh, filling in at the podium today, made clear they think this is a sign the recovery is finally starting to take hold. >> if you just look at the last five months the american economy treated 200,000 private sector jobs. so we are starting to gain traction. the question for lawmakers in washington, dc is, is congress going to be engaged in an effort of putting in place the kinds of policies that will support that recovery? >> so some good signs but even a liberal group came out today and said that the long-term unemployed is still very high, in terms of unlong-term unemployment. and also there's 20 million people still looking for fulltime work. so there's bright spots and still a lot of people looking. >> shepard: what are we hearing from republicans? >> they're shifting their
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argument. the job picture is brighter and it's interesting to see john boehner admitting this is relatively mosstive news. but the fact is unemployment is still way above the levels the obama white house projected when the spending bill was unenacted and the federal government's ongoing spending binge has resulted in a debt that exceeds our entire economy, and this whys we have seen -- it's going to be more so as the jobs picture gets better, republicans shifting their tact to the situation with the debt. >> shepard: thanks, ed. let's break this down with charlie, senior correspondent for the fox business network and the fox news channel for that matter. good numbers. >> good numbers. we should point out we've been there before. i think about years ago we had a decent print on the unemployment rate and the economy slipped back. we have mix edifice school policy. raising taxes, both on people making 400,000 tuesday a year and everybody else. payroll taxes went up.
12:20 pm
so that tracks the -- >> i will say -- i think this is good -- these are good numbers. let's hope they keep going. this is really good for the market and a lot of people are in the market. will the market go to 15 or 20? this jobs report suggests it will go to 15. here's why. decent growth. not great growth. long-term unemployment rate still going up about that means the fed is not going raise interest rates. as long as the fed keeps printing money the market has along way to go i think the fed signaled when the unemployment hits .6%, they reverse their current position. that's a long way to. so if you're in the market, and average people are now get neglect market. they're worried, i is it going reverse, go to 15? better than even chance it goes to 15 and above. >> shepard: the biggest real-world debate in america is how you hoff forward with the debt and the deficit and spending.
12:21 pm
the history books tell us when things are recovering, the government has to spend to prop up so that the private sector can then later spend. that is what the democrats are arguing. the republicans are arguing we have to get the debt under control. do we lean towards history as our guide or something else? that i don't know about. >> a lot of businessmen, what are they worrying about that prevents them from hiring? they're worry about the debt to deficit. forget about democrats and republicans -- >> shepard: but they're to the ones that need to come to a decision. but right now we're doing nothing. we're cutting the things that everyone seems to believe don't need to be cut. the pentagon having to cut -- the big picture is, do we spend now and wait for recovery? or do we stop the spending as they did, say, in england and other european countries and risk stopping this -- >> remember, you're comparing massive austerity in europe. massive. to like a trop in the bucket
12:22 pm
here. i'm not downplaying people losing their jobs. >> shepard: when the government stops spending, jobs get cut. if we use history as our guide or this new thing. >> they're not cutting that much and they're spending still a lot of money. when you talk to businesses, what they worry about ills the future. they worry about higher taxes because they have to pay for the deficit, and that's one big problem, i think -- >> shepard: big businesses? >> everybody. >> shepard: the big, big, big companies don't pay taxes. >> well, i know. except for ge. they get away without paying taxes. >> shepard: is it better to fix the loophole or continue the loopholes that best interest big business. >> if you're going to have loopholes -- if you want tax reform, don't raise taxes on people. small businesses make $400,000 a year, which i a small business. don't raise taxes and cut loopholes. do it at once. lower the general -- >> shepard: one part is done.
12:23 pm
so you now make the businesses pay or continue to have the loopholes? >> i would dish think it's better to keep what we have right now. the bottom line -- >> shepard: don't make the big guys pace taxes. make the little guy paying taxes >> who do you think employs the little guys? >> the big guys. but they have to pay. >> of course. >> shepard: but in many cases they don't. when we have to get to the former presidential candidate, yes, i paid 13%, and only got there by paying more than he had to pay. there are loopholes that everybody doesn't benefit from. i wonder if they ought to eliminate any of those. >> i don't know. if you want tax reform, do it right. take down all the rights and close all the loopholes. >> shepard: maybe they'll come to some agreement. >> did we come to an agreement? >> shepard: i have questions, what is -- >> the market is going to 15,000. >> shepard: get in now! get in now!
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charlie, groat see you, john mccain coming up in a minute. we'll get into these topics with him as well. stay around.
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>> hello, amy. >> it all gets going with this mass at st. peter's basilica on tuesday morning and then the cardinals cast their first vote sometime on tuesday afternoon. at the last concave in 2005 it
12:28 pm
took 24 hours to elect a new pope. the italian newspapers buzzing about papal preference, now breaking into two camps, they say, reformers versus the romans, saying the reformers are throwing their weight behind the cardinal appearing low scola, or possibly an american, that would really rock the vatican. the romans backing the cardial from practices sill or from argentina but citizens of the eternal city have saying, he who gos into the conclave a pope comes out a cardinal. the stoves are being installed in the chapel for burning up ballots, and the floor has been put in place. the vatican said the floors needed to be evened out so somebody trips. the cardinals will be staying here at the santa marka guest
12:29 pm
house. they'll be drawing lots tomorrow or monday for their rooms. they'll be shut off from the world. there will be no cell phone, no tweet, no internet, and the only people, outside of the club of cardinals, who will be on hand and close to this group at all, couple of doctors in case of emergency, people to clean up and feed the cardinals, and also a couple of priests for confession. shep? >> shepard: amy kellogg, live in rome. we'll be heading over there tomorrow, my team and i, and we'll have live coverage. >> senator john mccain is here live night. we'll talk to the arizona republican about sending bin bin laden's son-in-law to new york instead on guantanamo bay. we'll talk about the split in the republican party. look at that. man alive. the jersey shore? the latest winter storm has packed a punch.
12:30 pm
tearing this home off its foundation. we're live down the massachusetts coast from that spot. this day calls you.
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12:34 pm
they say the former al qaeda spokesman is clearly an enemy combatant and should go straight to guantanamo bay. the white house defends the decision, noting the u.s. has tried other terror suspects in civilian courts in 2009 the president pledged to close guantanamo bay. congress blocked him. the lawyer for bin laden's son-in-law says the suspect is right now being held at the metropolitan correctional center, operated by the federal department of prisons a division of the department of justice. there have been berniemadoff, and the 97 world trade center beening. we're live in d.c. reporter: just as you said, sets the statement for a high-profile terrorist trial blocks from ground zero some re-ignites intense republican criticism of the administration for trying terror suspects in civilian
12:35 pm
courts where the rights apply. >> this man right next to osama bin laden, involved in the attacks on our country on 9/11, don't you think it would be important we not tell him he has the right to remain silent? >> along with senators mccain and graham cop demmed the decision saying, quote, the decision to try ghaith in a u.s. court contravenes the will of the american people and will not go unchallenged. the white house pointed the times square bomber and the underwear bomber, now both serving life sentences. >> at the department of defense, the department of justice, the department of homeland security, intelligence community, agrees the best way to protect our national security interests is to prosecute ghaith in an article 3 court. >> one scholar doubts this
12:36 pm
crimes meet the military requirement for a military tribunal. >> for the lindsey grahams of the world who say gitmo all the time. that's fine. but those who say military commissions, military commissions, sorry, but he can't be charged with material support for terrorism, which can carry a life sentence, because that is disallowed at a legal matter in military commission. but keep in mind the administration backed down from trying kalib shake mohammad in manhattan after police said security would cost $200 million per year. this trial is expect it to take three weeks. >> shepard: thanks very much. juror john mccain is with us now, member of the snarl averaged services committee, the senate committee on homeland security, back home in arizona. senator, thank you. >> thank you. >> how do you feel about this trial in lower manhattan? >> well, of course i'd be very interested in these days of
12:37 pm
sequestration how much the security costs will be. but importantly in the short term, if this individual got his miranda rights, which i'm confident he did, because any good lawyer is going to tell his or her client to do that -- then we are deprived of the ability to interrogate this person and thereby perhaps being able to prevent attacks on the united states of america. and i'm not talking about water booing. i'm saying the very successful interrogation techniques where we can find out vital information. second of all, in all due respect, this man is not a common criminal. he is a member of the al qaeda hierarchy, being that close to bin laden, and he clearly in my view, qualifies as an enemy combatant, which means he is tried by military commission. >> shepard: senator, they didn't drone him so we would have that opportunity. but there's a lot of dropping going on, and the topic du jour for the last couple of days has
12:38 pm
been senator rand paul of kentucky's filibuster on capitol hill help got a response out of the white house whether the government could kill american citizens on american soil if they're not engaged in combat, and then of that filibuster you've said this. >> the country needed more senators who care about liberty. but if mr. paul wants to be taken seriously, he needs to do more than just pull political stunts that fire up impressionable libertarian kids in their college dorms. he needs to know what he is talking about. >> shepard: about what is he cop fused? >> first of all issue was reading from "the wall street journal" editorial, which i thought was right on mark. that's why i read from the editorial. second of all, no one is going to be struck by a hellfire missile from a drone that is not an enemy combatant. that's just a fact. by the way, the reason why we use hellfire missiles overseas in places like yemen, we don't
12:39 pm
have the ability to capture them. we want to capture these people, not kill them. >> shepard: i know information suggested to us we had agents and the host country had agents following aulaqi for 48 years, directing where the drone would shoot. would not be possible to capture million do what is howard under the constitution rather than killing him? >> actually, it's one thing to follow somebody and know their whereabouts, it's something else to capture them. the reason why we kill people with drones is because we don't have military on the ground to get them. second of al, jane fonda, no one believes no matter how egregious her activity was any president of the united states would launch a hellfire missile on jane ton damp. that is ludicrous. so instead of -- right now the centrifuges are spinning in tehran. the north koreans are threatening to launch a nuclear weapon against us and are threatening their neighbors.
12:40 pm
70,000 people have been massacred in syria while we sit and watch, and the middle east is a tinderbox. that's what we should be discussing and debating, not the impossible scenario. and by the way, i want more congressional oversight. i want the whole drone program switched over to the department of defense so we can have the kind of oversight it needs. we need to have debates in congress. >> shepard: what about after the attacks of 9/11, congress gave then-president president bush the authority to use drone strikes. would you be willing -- >> no republican. >> shepard: -- of congress debating that -- the beginning and where that came from. maybe the better define when and with whom and where we're at war and put more parameters on the president's ability to drone. >> frankly, that's just what i just said. i notice that very few republicans, if any, minded when president bush was president
12:41 pm
about launching drone strikes. maybe that's logical. of course, will repeat, we need congressional oversight. i believe all of this should be transferred to department of defense. we need parameters as to the president's behavior. we need more transparency. but to somehow translate that into dropping hellfire missiles on people in cafes in the united states of america, that is not what we should be discussing. >> shepard: part of this is about technology and part of this is much bigger. listen to what rand paul said in response to yours and lindsey graham's appearances on capitol hill. >> i think it's a good debate. i think they're on the wrong side of history. both of these senators argue that america is part of the battlefield for the laws of war apply. the laws of war sometimes don't involve due process, and i acknowledge that. if soldiers or the enemy is shooting out our soldiers there nose due process involved. we shoot back to kill there nor judges and juries.
12:42 pm
but america's different. >> shepard: is america a battlefield? >> well, may be -- you've might think so after 9/11, if another airplane was headed towards the united states capitol, such as the one that crashed in pennsylvania, i'm confident that we have the capability and should shoot that airplane down even if, tragically -- and i mean tragically -- there are innocent americans onboard the airplane. so obviously if you think the battlegrounds is outside the united states of america, when everything they're thinking every moment of the day and night is to find ways they can attack the united states inside the united states, i -- my understanding of al qaeda and most people's is they'd love to attack the united states, and from within. and so i hope that we can continue this debate, as we said, but i also am very concerned about many other things, including sequester and the damage it's done, which some of my republican friends don't seem to be too -- as concerned
12:43 pm
as they should be in my view. >> shepard: senator, part of this is about the battle for the heart and soul of the party. that's long-held republican and conservative view on war to avoid it at all costs. that sort of a voice has had a difficult time. the rand paul wing, if you will, has had a difficult time having its voice heard. you and others have been interventionists. let's intervene in sirra, intervene in libya, let's been, bomb, bomb, bomb iran, is it your sense that -- >> do you really believe that? you really believe that? >> shepard: sir, all i'm asking you, is it your sense that rand paul may be bridging together those people in the base whom align maybe in some cases more closely with the left than with the right? for instance, frank rich this morning, was on board with this. so was eugene robinson. >> let me say that senator paul was the one vote against the resolution in the united states senate that said we should not allow iran to acquire nuclear
12:44 pm
weapons. if you're going back to this joke i said -- >> shepard: i didn't mean it as a joke,. >> it was a joke and your saying i wanted to bomb iran and of course i never did. the party of ronald reagan is the party that believes that we should have peace through strength and that's the best way to prevent these things. i'm of the party of ronald reagan and there's been a debate in our party for years and years about whether we should withdraw the fortress america or not. but to say we're interventionists if a mislabeling and absolutely false. we are for a strong america, and we believe that is the best way to prevent war, rather than a weakened military, which many of my colleagues now support, who are isolationists, going back to post world war i. >> shepard: republicans want to win and another thing for sure, they been winning in national elections lately. not thing for sure, there's a battle for the soul of the
12:45 pm
party. and there appear to be two wings. rand paul just made his entrance on to the national stage, and upon watching your quote and senator lindsey graham's quotes, the republican strategists -- ritz wilson saw this and said senator rand was asked if this was representative of the twilight of the old order of the republican party? tis the republican party changing and do you think the change is good? >> after i came home from vietnam, our mill tier deteriorated to the point where the chief of staff of the army came before congress and said we have a hollow army. we're doing that in the form for sequestration jessica, -- sequestration, and along came ronald reagan that won the colored war without firing a shot. that's the wing of the party i'm part of and i believe will be the future of the republican party. you can go back to post world war i, prior to world war 2 charles behindberg, henry ford, post world war ii, the taft wing
12:46 pm
of the party. there's always been that element but the winning part of our party is that which believes like ronald reagan did and that is peace through strength and that's the best way to avoid conflicts, including what we're seeing where the world believes america is we can and withdrawing and they're making the kind of conclusions i think will endanger america's future. >> shepard: senator john mccain, with us from arizona. thank you so much. >> thanks for having me on. >> the tsa miss aid fake bomb in an inspector's pants even after a patdown. what does that mean? stay tuned. max and penny keptur bookstore
12:47 pm
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shipship you'll soon be able to bring small knives and golf clubs on the plane but explosives are still illegal and yet the tsa just revealed it let an undercover inspector sneak a bomb, or fake bomb, past the airport security. that's what a sourcees telling
12:50 pm
me from the new york post newspaper, our parent company. so it appears the passengers were not in danger, it was a fake. this was at newark liberty airport. the inspector stuffed the fake explosive into his pants where security screeners failed to detect it even after two screen examination a patdown. trace gallagher has more. what do we know about this operation? reporter: it happened in term b where the american and jetblue gates are. two of the agents had improvised explosive devices. one inside a child's doll, had wires out and was quickly detected. the other was in an agent's pants, apparently like the underwear bomber writ made it through the magnetometer, and the patdown. we don't know the makeup of the ied because the tsa will only say: due to the security
12:51 pm
sensitive nature of the test tsa does not share publicly details, what is tests or the outcome. but a former tsa assistant administrator says he is concerned for always ropes and also comforted. >> that's what they're doing these tests for. how to improve the screener training our screeners go through each year. continually raise the bar to make sure they're at the cutting edge of detection. and really the only way to do that is to really do it through these red team tests and have them push the envelope and determine what is feasible and what is not feasible. >> the red team also test ed terminal c. the results up known. >> shepard: over time newark liberty has had some security lapses. >> yeah, of course newark is one of the starting points of the and a half hijackers, and even years after these red teams would get one out of every bombs through security.
12:52 pm
last year 52 agents were fired because of major security lapses. then there was the famous romeo case where this guy, an unticketed passenger, walked right by security and was able to kiss his girlfriend in an unsecured area. that was major break. tsa has 1400 agents at the newark liberty international airport. >> shepard: thousands standing around. the latest winter storm has been burn -- punishing new england. strong winds and now another system is on the way. more snow. we'll show you where. that's next. h ] i took something for my sinus, but i still have this cough. [ male announcer ] a lot of sinus products don't treat cough. they don't? [ male announcer ] nope, but alka seltzer plus severe sinus does it treats your worst sinus symptoms, plus that annoying cough. [ breathes deeply ] ♪ oh, what a relief it is! [ angry gibberish ] departure. hertz gold plus rewards also offers ereturn--
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>> shepard: a weather alert now. the deadly winter storm causes major problems for folks in new england.
12:56 pm
this is the scene hours ago along the northern coast of massachusetts. powerful winds and flooding ripped the house off the foundation. nobody in the home at the time. officials figured that might happened so they already disconnected the utilities. you can see the waves washing ashore some sort of appliance there. forecasters say the storm dumped a foot of snow some regions. let's get to the forecast and nick gregory. what's the weather, nick? >> it's getting better for the folks in the northeast. you can see on the satellite photo animation, it's all shrinking, wining down into -- winding down, and the air flow is coming from the east. that could cause another round of coastal flooding, southeastern massachusetts and the jersey shore tomorrow morning. temperatures above freezing. from the big cities now so the evening commute should be just roads wet.
12:57 pm
boston, 13 inches. six at port smith, new hampshire, four in new york city. and blockbuster totals south of boston, 24 inches, manchester, at 19. manchester, connecticut, 18. >> shepard: lots of snow and more on the way, nick? >> we're watching another storm from the southwestern states moving through l.a. right now, brought heavy rains the and is going to bring heavy snows, blizzard conditions in eastern colorado. a foot of snow there moving into the western high plains states. so that's the problem moving into the weekend. >> shepard: nick, good to see you. justin bieber, the babies is -- the biebs is having a bad development hours after he passed our on the stage, the dropped a flurry -- flurry --
12:58 pm
flurry of f bombs on the paparazzi and lunged at a couple of camera guys. block whether [ male announcer ] trail...
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